Crossover updated to 13.0

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Date: Wednesday, November 13th, 2013, 09:03
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crossovericonCrossOver can get your Windows productivity applications and PC games up and running on your Mac quickly and easily. CrossOver runs the Windows software that you need on Mac at home, in the office, or at school without purchasing a Windows license, without rebooting your computer, and without having to use a virtual machine. And CrossOver can run a wide range of Windows software.

The 13.0 update includes the following changes:

Games Support:

  • CrossOver 13 has our new Performance Enhanced Graphics. Games will run faster, with higher frame rates! This is a major overhaul of the 3D graphics processing in CrossOver, and gives significant improvements in many, many popular games.
  • The launcher for Borderlands 2 is working.
  • Both the Gem Store and mouse work with Guild Wars 2.
  • The mouse pointer in Terraria is now accurate when the window is resized or zoomed.
  • Rendering bugs with RIFT on NVIDIA hardware are fixed.
  • Multi-core rendering can now be enabled in Source games.
  • Mirror’s Edge now runs under CrossOver.

Mac OS X:

  • Input Managers will no longer cause Windows applications running under CrossOver to crash.
  • When you Command-Tab out of a full-screen program and then back, CrossOver will restore that program’s display resolution setting.
  • CrossOver uses accelerated OpenGL in all cases.
  • Added support for Mac-style full-screen windows.
  • Enhanced the system tray icon support to handle right-clicks and middle-clicks.
  • Fix a bug which could cause CrossOver to display two mouse cursors in some applications.
  • Lots of window management fixes.
  • Fixed scrolling going diagonal when it shouldn’t.
  • Fixed certain programs (e.g. Quicken 2013) failing to launch when using certain keyboard layouts (e.g. US International PC).
  • Fixed a bug where the select-bottle section of the Software Installer window would say Please Wait forever.
  • Improved icon extraction from Windows executables.

Application Support:

  • Project 2010 will run faster.
  • Macros function much better in Microsoft Excel.
  • Access 2000 user interaction is smoother on OS X.
  • The system tray for QQ is functional now on OS X.
  • Kayak Foundry will load files again.
  • Fixed a crash in the Chinese version of Microsoft Office Home and Student Edition.

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