Crystal Optical Mouse

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Date: Tuesday, April 23rd, 2002, 00:00
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This is the mouse Apple could have made, but didn’t. The Crystal Mouse from Adomax is a USB optical mouse with a pivoting clear cover. Much like the Apple Pro Mouse, there are no buttons and the cover pivots to click. This mouse, however rocks from side to side for left and right clicking and has a scroll wheel that can also be clicked. A second blue LED illuminates the translucent scroll wheel. Cool!

It takes some getting used to, but I prefer it to having actual buttons up front. I had some problems with clicking and dragging until I removed two internal springs. This will of course void the warranty, but I prefer the lighter touch. There is no provision for lifting the mouse without loosing your click, so it can be awkward if you run out of room. The scroll wheel is perfectly located and when pressed down in OmniWeb will switch from moving just one line for each wheel increment to an entire page. I did not test the software, since it is only available for OS 9. The mouse just works under X, although not all programs support scrolling and few support clicking the scroll wheel.

I found this mouse at for $40US, although it can be had on eBay for significantly less.

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