Dell Attacks Education

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Go2Mac reader RyDogs writes:

j, as you are aware, dell is making an aggressive campaign to attack the educational market. in fact, this morning on cnbc, there was a dell commercial that showed a wireless tray/cart station on wheels with dozen’s of portable computers for a classroom setting (similar to the food trays that a stewardess uses on a plane). the commercial was a clear attack on apples new ibook and apple’s position in the educational market. i also heard a quote from michael dell stating that he is “uncertain” about apple’s future.


The release of the new iBook and Apple’s renewed commitment to education should help stem the tide of defectors to the Windows platform, but I am sometimes concerned as well that Apple may not be doing enough to win back an audience that they used to own.

Apple needs to look at incentives for schools and principals for stocking up on Apple products, dedicated support team to handle large accounts (like the 23,000 iBook sale to Henrico County Public Schools) and a full-court sales and marketing press on the educational channel, as if their life depended on it – because it may.

What is your spin on the Dell educational onslaught? What can Apple do to win back the educational segment of the market?

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