Dell Introduces new Ultra-Portable

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Last Week Dell introduced a new notebook that is slick, thin, metallic (whoa, sounds familiar) that runs Microsoft’s Windows operating system.


The Inspiron 2100 features Intel’s recently introduced 700 MHz mobile Pentium III, a 12-inch screen, 64 MB of memory, a 5 GB hard drive, built-in modem and networking. CD-ROM, CD-re writable, DVD and Zip drives have to be added through an external media bay. The 2100 sells for US$1,899 and weighs 3.4 pounds and is one-inch thick.

According to a CNet article:

Frank Spindler, Intel’s general manager, predicts that thin-and-light notebooks will account for 60 percent of notebook sales within a few years. Thin-and-light notebooks typically weigh about 4 pounds and have a 13-inch or larger screen.

Ultra-portables weigh less than that and offer an 11- to 12-inch screen.

Ultra-portables, also known as mini-notebooks, and the even smaller class of sub-notebooks, will make up another 10 percent of the market in a few years, Spindler predicts

Hmmm, do you think that Apple should introduce a narrower, 4-pound version of the Titanium? What about a Titanium ultra-portable? Light up the feedback with your thoughts!

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