Developer G4 Pricing

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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The following is the addendum to the 14 August 1999 Developer Programs Price List which is effective 31 August 1999.

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Power Mac G4 CPUs include USB keyboard and mouse, Mac OS system software (pre-installed on the hard disk), 10/100BaseT on board, manuals and backup system software CD. Display sold separately. Features include: 100MHz system bus, 4 SDRAM slots (must be “PC-100″) compliant, 3 PCI slots, ATI 3D Rage 128 card in the 2X AGP slot in M7232 and M6921 or in the 66MHz/32bit graphics slot in M7631, VGA connector on card, USB (12Mbps), FireWire (400Mbps) and SCSI (available via PCI card). Please refer to for additional information.

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