Developers begin answering questions about upcoming APFS filing system

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Date: Monday, June 27th, 2016, 08:04
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It’s deeply technical, but it’s worth the read.

An blog posted over on Adam Leventhal’s blog and picked up by the mighty Ars Technica describes a talk about the new Apple Filing System given during a Q&A session over at WWDC. During the session, Dominic Giampaolo and Eric Tamura, two members of the APFS team, gave an overview to a packed room, wherein, with the help of other team members, they patiently answered questions about the upcoming file architecture.

This isn’t the shortest article in the world, but it shows how a lot of praise is going towards encryption, while a fair amount of criticism seems to be emerging around data integrity.

Still, if you want to know what’s on the horizon for the new macOS operating systems, this is worth your time.

Via Adam Leventhal’s blog and Ars Technica

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