Diamond Multimedia Ships First USB Networking Kit

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Diamond Multimedia announced (“Diamond Multimedia Ships PC Industry’s First USB Home Networking Product With Cross-platform Support“) today the first USB cross-platform networking kit dubbed the HomeFree Phoneline USB.

Featuring AMD’s PCnet(TM)-Home networking controller, the HomeFree Phoneline USB product uses existing home phonelines to link multiplecomputers and is based upon the HomePNA (Home Phoneline Networking Alliance) network standard, which stems from Tut System’s HomeRun*technology. AMD’s PCnet-Home controller is the industry’s first single chip solution that is based on the widely endorsed HomePNA specification and isthe first HomePNA compliant product to receive Microsoft PC 98 certification. The HomeFree Phoneline USB product delivers fast throughput speeds ofup to 1 Mbps at a range of up to 500 feet between each computer.

The cross-platform networking is handled by a “lite” version of Miramar Systems’ PC MACLAN. The HomeFree Phoneline USB kit is selling for US$70 and is available directly from Diamond’s Online Store.

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