Did the Music Industry Cripple iPod?

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Date: Wednesday, October 24th, 2001, 19:13
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Thinking about the iPod, I can’t help but realise that the use of FireWire is very understated — basically, it is being used only as a conduit between your Mac (and iTunes) and the iPod. But wait a second — FireWire is a device-to-device bus, unlike USB. So do we really need the computer?

Imagine — being able to transfer music files, playlists, etc. to your buddies by simply attaching a FireWire cable between two iPods. Why not?

Technologically, this is probably a no-brainer. But being Apple, I would have to assume they would be all over this if it were a real feature. It seems that you can only transfer music to the iPod — not back to your (or another) Mac. This would likewise preclude transferring data and music between iPods, which would be truly a ground-breaking improvement over existing portable music devices.

So, why is this (most assuredly) artificial limitation in place? My guess is pressure on Apple from the music industry (RIAA et al). Thoughts?

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