DigitalHipps Releases PBG3 Keyboard Replacement

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Suzuki Chikayasu of DigitalHipps has released the keyBORG, a colored replacement keyboard for the Pismo and Lombard PowerBook G3s and the original iBook.

keyBORG is a high quality set of replacement key-tops with fantastically designed translucent parts. To our regret, the first version is designed only for Pismo, Lombard and the first generation of iBook. However, ‘keyBORG’ for TiBook and iBook (Dual USB) will also be released in near future, for we believe every PowerBook user will have a lot of fun with ‘keyBORG’. Please take a look at them.

The coolest part is that the keys are thinner than the factory keyboards so they won’t leave residue on your LCD. The order page is still down but keep checking back as Chickayasu-san tells me that he expects to begin accepting orders on 17 June 2001.

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