Drive My iMate Around the Block

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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After a couple driver installations, PowerPage testers have enabled the Griffin iMate to build a better mouse trap. A few days ago, we tested the Kensington Thinking Mouse connected through the iMate ADB-to-USB convertor connected through the ADS USB PC Card. With both the iMate driver and the Kensington MouseWorks driver installed, we can now use all four buttons on the Thinking Mouse in their full clicking-and-chording glory.

The down side to using the Thinking Mouse is that its drivers accelerate the trackpad to the point where it is too fast to use.

Griffin recommends that you have the ADB devices plugged in when you start up the PowerBook so that the ADB-device-specific drivers, such as the Kensington driver, recognize the device.

In other USB testing news, the Iomega USB Zip drive had no problems working with the ADS USB PC Card.

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