Early Returns: iPhoto Works Well With PC Cards on TiBook

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Date: Tuesday, January 15th, 2002, 11:39
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I downloaded iPhoto and had fun playing around with my existing libraries of photos, but was especially pleased to see that inserting my Compact Flash (CF) card into its PCMCIA adapter and then inserting the adapter into the my TiBook caused iPhoto to launch and set up the entire "roll" of film for import.

I mention this because the keynote and the documentation suggest that the plug-to-launch feature only worked with USB cameras, and mine is older than that. Over CardBus, it imports VERY quickly, and recognizes the name I gave the flash card, permits erasing – everything.

I’m very impressed, especially since I was rather pleased that the 10.1.2 update only last month managed the same trick with Image Capture.

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