EarthLink Introduces Handheld Wireless Service

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Date: Thursday, February 28th, 2002, 10:07
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So you couldn’t wait for the Treo or the i705, and now you have a slick handheld — with no Internet. Thanks to its acquisition of OmniSky, EarthLink is now extending its wireless offerings to include PocketPC (HP Jornada / Compaq iPaq) and Palm PDAs (Palm M500/M505, Vx, and all Handspring Visors); previously EarthLink supported only Blackberry RIMs and Motorola’s T900. The deal is fairly competitive: US$39.95/mo for unlimited access to e-mail and the web, including websites that haven’t been optimized for PDAs, special personal city guides, and OneTap for saving web info to your Palm calendar, address book, and memo pad.

EarthLink’s “Release 1.0” includes new features not found in previous OmniSky service, including a redesigned interface. If you don’t have a modem, the Minstrel S add-on is $129.95 for Handsprings, and you can even prepay to reduce the cost to $33.32/mo ($399.95 prepaid). The plans carry a six month commitment.

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