Eddie Vedder, Rob Glaser and Bowling

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Date: Monday, April 8th, 2002, 13:00
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According to this story at Five Horizons, Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder performed at Real Networks CEOs Rob Glaser’s 40th Birthday party at a bowling lane. Eddie and Rob have apparantly been friends for a long time.

01/26/02 – Spin Alley Bowling Center: Shoreline, WA (Ed and C-Average appear at a private party) [90m]
attendance: 150

set: [solo acoustic] Heaven (Talking Heads), Drifting, You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away, Last Kiss, Satellite (new), Elderly Woman, I Don’t Wanna Grow Up (Tom Waits), Better Man, Happy Birthday (to Rob Glaser) [electric set] Watch Outside, Running Out of Time, Driven to Tears, Love -> Building on Fire, Corduroy, The Kids Are Alright, Soldier of Love, Against the 70s, I Don’t Wanna Grow Up (Tom Waits)

notes: On the occasion of Rob Glaser’s (CEO of Real Networks) 40th birthday, Ed performs a solo acoustic set, including a new song, followed by a set with C-Average. Inside sources report the following: “Ed and Rob Glaser are good friends, going back to their mutual involvement in the West Memphis Three case. Ed sang the entire set alone first, with Jon and Brad of C-Average joining him later … at which point he invited everyone to commence bowling as he said: ‘You guys can keep bowling, but I’m just going to play a few more songs, if you don’t mind.’ Ed also sang ‘happy birthday’ to Rob and gave Rob the ukulele. He was wearing jeans, a tan shirt and a fedora, he said when Ed took the fedora off he had like a mohawk or something that resembled it. It was originally only supposed to be one set but it ended up being two.”

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