Enable Your PowerMac G5's 16X Dual-Layer DVD Burner

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Date: Thursday, January 20th, 2005, 09:09
Category: Hardware, PowerMac G5

Underneath the hood of your PowerMac G5 lies a 16X dual-layer DVD burner the problem is that Apple is passing it off as an 8X burner. Find out how to make it go twice as fast inside…

An artile on HardMac demonstrates how to flash the ROM on your PowerMac’s 8X DVD burner to a 16X dual-layer DVD burner.
The only headache is that flashing the ROM only works by removing the burner from you Mac and temporarily placing it into a PC box for the flashing.

The burner is supposed to be a 108AA, another reference which simply does NOT exist. The 117D has the same specifications than the 107, with a max burn speed of 8x and the same incapacity to burn double layer media. The 108 is supposed to reach 16x and burn 8 GB media. We decided to check this out and investigate further.

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