Equal Time for Lefties: Nuke the CAPS LOCK Key

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Date: Friday, November 9th, 2001, 00:41
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I have to take exception to your comments about the "useless right-hand option key" in your article on the new keybaord on the 667 MHz PowerBook (What’s New in the Rev. B PowerBook G4?“). I just got the new Ti/667 and I find the missing key to be of great inconvenience. Being left-handed, I use my left hand to work the track pad. I now I have to reach my right hand over the left to hit the damned option key, which sucks. I find myself pressing "enter" on the right-side all the time when what I really want is the option key.

In short, the key is not useless to some of us. If you want to talk about useless keys, let’s talk about the caps lock key, which gets pressed accidentally ALL the time. There is no reason for the key to be in the middle of the keyboard. They should make one of the function keys the caps lock key and use the caps-lock key space for something else. A return key on the left side of the keyboard would be really helpful for a lot of us.

[Amen brother! That CAPS LOCK key is extremely annoying… what is your workaround? -Ed]

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