Exclusive: Titanium G4 Arrives at Go2Mac World HQ!

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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I scored a Titanium G4 PowerBook today courtesy of a little luck and CompUSA. While awesome, this also means that I probably won’t go to sleep for about three days! Scroll past the pics to find out how to get one today – if you really want one…

The proud owner with his new Titanium PB!


Here is what I suggest you do if you really want to get a TiBook today: surf on over to the CompUSA product page and search for “PowerBook G4” using the search field at the top of the page. Then click on the model that you are interested in (400 MHz, in my case), then insert your zip code to find the locations nearest to you.

When I searched for the PowerBook G4 in my zip code (19128) I found out that both the Montgomeryville and Delaware locations had listed the TiBook as “in stock.” I immediately called the local number for the Montgomeryville store and asked to speak to the Mac department.

Tip: dial *0 during the general greeting to speak with someone in the actual store or you will be transferred to the national 800#, which earlier told me that they DID NOT have the PowerBook G4 in their system.

Montgomeryville confirmed that they had just received three 400 MHz TiBooks late Tuesday evening and that they were ready to go. David at the store said that they had also received a 400 MHz demo model (see the pic above) on Friday.

Tip: CompUSA corporate is the only division that will ship purchases, all other purchases must be picked up by the credit card holder.

Ready, Set, Go! 🙂

Tune back in to Go2Mac.com today (and everyday) for several galleries of pictures and an exclusive first look at this killer machine. I am preparing to install: an airport card, 30 GB hard drive and 512 MB of RAM, we may even post QuickTime movies of the various procedures.

Tip: Check the Go2Mac Tracker often for the latest on TiBook availability and post your feedback specifically on CompUSA’s using the feedback like below.

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