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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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You’ve heard all the extreme testimonials about how durable PowerBooks are. But, sometimes, for no apparent reason, any piece of equipment can fail. And then what? Five PowerPage lightning bolts to CompUSA San Francisco for exemplary customer service and support:

Hi, I just wanted to relay my powerbook disaster in San Fran and how the CompUsa here saved the day. I just bought my lombard 333 last saturday at the compusa in Philadelphia. I was going to Seybold and needed the laptop to finish a time sensitive project. Laptop worked great on the plane (everyone loved me playing playstation games on the mac). Got to my hotel and suddenly nothing. My beautiful lombard was dead. Panicking as I hadn’t done any work yet, I ran to the local CompUsa ready for a fight. Instead, after I had the receipt faxed from home, they not only replaced my lombard but swamped the hard drives for me in the same day.

It was the best CompUSA experience I’ve ever had (one of the best customer service experiences I ever had) and thought they deserved some notice. Also, the compusa here is the nicest I’ve ever seen. Complete with an imac internet cafe. Anyway, just wanted to drop a line with most un-extreme powerbook story.

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