Extreme PowerBook 45-Zero MPH in One Second [Updated]

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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You may remember our Extreme PowerBook story from two weeks ago where an unfortunate reader left his PB on the roof of his car and drove away. The PowerBook eventually flew off the roof of his car at 45 MPH and smashed on the road and, get this, it still worked.

Many of you were skeptical of his outrageous claim without seeing supporting photographic evidence of the perilous PowerBook. Today we are happy to present the gory photos of the smashed up “45-Zero” PowerBook.

a) Repaired PowerBook showing damaged bottom case and keyboard.

The pieces to the left are various plastic bits that broke off and a shield I forgot to put back in after the repair. The keyboard was originally only missing the upper right keys (F12 nad F10 I recovered) but I’ve removed the undamaged space bar because mine was heavily modified (with email address very prominent). Sticky notestucked into case show how far the case tore during impact.

b) Upper right case showing where corner gave its life to save its bretheren. Security plate is missing and upper case is still bent in this area. Light scratches on top are present on all four corners from skidding along pavement.

c) Detail of larger tear on bottom case (with serial number removed). Discoloration is from where I tried to super-glue it back together. Ha!

d) Detail of smaller tear on bottom case.

e) Final shot of tears in bottom case, keyboard damage and broken-off bits from inside bottom case.

If you have an Extreme PowerBook story, please forward it to me along with any suporting evidence and I will post it on these pages in a future update. Damn those PowerBooks are tough!

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