Extreme TiBook: Takes A Lickin'…

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Date: Wednesday, July 3rd, 2002, 00:00
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Horror of horrors, my worst nightmare came true. I dropped my PowerBook today.

The carnage wasn’t as bad as I thought, It could have been a lot worse. No gashes or scratches, the DVD/CD drive works, everything boots up fine, the lid latches, opens and closes. The body lines (the seams) are a little off, but not so much you could notice. Mostly where the gray meets white around the keyboard. The seams are close on one side and wide on the other. But I think that it looked that way before I dropped it.

The flimsy white bezel on the lower portion on the slot loading cd drive (the white bezel at it’s thinnest point) cracked in two, but after pushing it back together it’s hard to even see it. The rear port cover is a wee bit sticky, but functions perfectly.

The white inner frame next to the battery clasp is cracked, hence the battery being half jammed, half falling out. Once I removed the battery, and gave an expertly placed push, everything snapped back together like Legos. The screen sits high on the right when closed. But it was like this before its Parachuteless skydiving trip.

It’s a little troubling to think about taking this laptop apart now that everything is a little tweaked. It almost seems like it wouldn’t go back together, but you never know. Everything looks so normal, I’m in complete disbelief. I’m probably looking for flaws that aren’t there.

Not three hours earlier I commented to the rep who installed my AirPort card that it would break my heart to see this lap top all scratched up, or worse yet dropped – and it happened. It goes to show you, no matter how careful you are, it’s never careful enough. I would have sent pictures except I doubt that my office’s ancient Sony Mavica would be able to pick up the detail of the minor damage my TiBook sustained. These things are tough!

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