EZQuest Announces USB Zip 250 Drive

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Iomega fans, rejoice (all three of you). EZQuest earlier announced their very own 250MB USB Zip drive. The Anaconda Zip 250 USB Drive (interesting name…) sports compatibility with the new 250 MB Zip disks and older 100 MB Zip disks. Here’s some info from their web page:

Anaconda Zip 250 USB Drive debuts but not from iomega, EZQuest, Inc is capitalizing the Market with the announcement of a Macintosh compatible Anaconda Zip 250 USB. EZQuest recognizes the growing demands of data storage in the Mac environment by delivering plug and play USB connectivity and increasing our 100MB drive to 250MB, while still allowing the use of 100MB disks in our Anaconda Zip 250 USB Externals. THE EZQuest Anaconda Zip 250 USB External comes complete with EZQuest USB software, USB cable, 250MB Zip cartridge.

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