EZQuest Ships Four New FireWire Hard Drives

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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EZQuest ships four new FireWire hard drives, below is from their PR:

Yorba Linda, CA., November 11, 1999 — EZQuest, Inc. began shipping its new line of FireWire hard drives today. The Cobra series feature 10, 20, 27 and 37GB capacities and are shipping to Apple dealers worldwide.

The Cobra series tout transfer rates of 12/13MB/sec*, dual 6pin FireWire ports, internal power supply, hot plug ease of use and 2 year warranties. The Cobra series hard drives are compatible with the imac DV line, blue and white G3?s as well as G4 Macintosh computers.

The Cobra FireWire Hard Drives retail for $359 (10gb), $469 (20gb), $559 (27gb) and $699 (37gb). All drives are shipping with an “ice” flavored exterior, internal auto switching power supply, 3? Firewire cable and EZQuest?s Disk Controller software.

For information in locating an authorized EZQuest reseller near you, please contact Info@ezq.com.

New Firewire Hard Drives are always good news, go read the rest of their PR if you like otherwise be happy that more new products have been released for Macs.

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