Facebook CEO appears with tape-covered camera, microphone port on MacBook Pro

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Date: Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016, 08:05
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It’s not the most complicated fix in the world, but apparently Mark Zuckerberg stands by it.

The Facebook CEO, who has apparently had more than $16 million on security spent on him for protection from “specific threats” and has hired 16 bodyguards to protect him at home, shared an image on Facebook celebrating Instagram’s 500 million monthly user milestone in which the camera and microphone of a MacBook Pro in the background are covered with taps. While some tried to argue that it wasn’t Zuckerberg’s desk, it’s been seen in a variety of other images of Zuckerberg and in various live streams, so it seems like a safe assumption.

It’s a pretty simple security measure that definitely doesn’t rack up to millions in dollars being spent on bodyguards.

On the flip side, Apple spent just $209,000 on Tim Cook’s security in 2015, while $1.6 million was spent on Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.

In short, if the ‘Zuck does it, maybe it works out pretty well.

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Via 9to5Mac

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