Felicity Plugs iMac

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Although no NoBeige.com staffers were able to watch Felicity last night (most of us were out celebrating the first win of a certain football team), several readers wrote in about last night’s episode:

Following on last week’s iBook sighting the iMac received major play on this week’s “Felicity” on WB. There are many scenes showing an iMac. “Ruby” an new character is searching for a new computer and seeks help from Noel. He initially brushes her off, but then tries to make ammends. She says she was considering the e-machine. Noel says “No! it’s just an iMac ripoff!”. She replies, “The salesman says the it has a 433 MHz processer compared to the 333 MHz iMac. But then the iMac has the 512 K cache …” Noel “So what did you get?” Ruby “The iMac”. Noel (staring with obvious affection and sitting down) “You’re a Mac person!”.

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