First Look: Outlook Express 5.0

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Lucius Kwok

Microsoft has shipped Outlook Express 5.0 for Mac, and it’s packed with new features. Some new features include a spiffy new look to the interface, threaded message views, junk mail filter, mailing list manager, and Palm syncing. They removed the password-prompt-at-startup, relying instead on Mac OS 9’s multi-user facilities, and moved some commands around on the menus and in the windows. Importing old mail messages and contacts took over an hour with my 57 MB mail folder.

As we spend more time with Outlook Express, we should be able to ferret out some of the interesting new features and annoying bugs in the new version, and I’m sure we’ll find many, such as the new folder-sort-order and the lack of a default signature option.

You can download Outlook Express 5 from Microsoft’s Web site.

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