Fix for iBook Display Sleep Bug in OS X

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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From the Apple Discussions boards:

Posted by: Izumi Ohzawa
RE(2): RE: Coma induced when screen dims

I wrote a little command line program that automates this START/STOP of TruBlueEnvironme process with one command in a shell. Please see

The documentation is the source code: classic.c It must be set to SUID root. I have included a binary for those who do not have the dev tools.

Once that is done “classic stop” and “classic cont” will stop and continue the Classic environment process. Have ProcessViewer application running to confirm operation.

I don’t have time to explain SUID business, please someone take it up.

Obviously, this is a temporary workaround until Apple releases an update. It is a nuisance, but at least I can keep the Classic Env. running, and is a lot better than having to reset/reboot.

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