Flaking Titanium PowerBook Paint

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Date: Wednesday, May 29th, 2002, 13:00
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TiBook Paint ProblemsI am very concerned about the paint chipping/flaking issues that affect certain Titanium PowerBooks. The Revision B and C Titanium PowerBook G4 series seems to have had a bad batch of units shipped between November 2001 and January 2002. My 5 month-old unit’s paint began to flake-off two months ago.

The rate at which the paint deteriorated increased over time. When I initially contacted Apple in late April about a warranty repair/replacement, I was told that this was not a known or widespread issue. However, they urged me to take photos for their engineers to determine if my machine’s damage should be covered (the standard warranty does not cover cosmetic issues). I documented my situation, and pushed my case through the system.

My computer has been waiting for several weeks at Apple’s repair facility for a back-ordered replacement part. I think that my repair is a one-off thing, and not a general warranty repair, so I took the initiative to develop the a TiBook Paint Chipping Web site for others that may have this problem. If you have similar issues the best recourse is to call Apple and express your discontent for the poor production quality of this batch of machines.

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