Flying Jalapeno Software Releases ScareBear Trail Companion for iPhone, iPod Touch

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Date: Thursday, January 21st, 2010, 06:41
Category: iPhone

You have an iPhone and that’s fine, but bears still roam through America’s forests, eager to eat you and your iPhone.

Per The Unofficial Apple Weblog, Flying Jalapeno Software has released something that could save your life against these furry terrors; the ScareBear Trail Companion.

ScareBear Trail Companion is an iPhone app that replicates the sounds of bells, clapping, and rocks in a tin can which could help scare bears from your path before you even encounter them. Should you happen to come across a bear immune to these charms and wards, ScareBear Trail Companion still has you covered – in an emergency, you can use the app to sound an emulated air horn, which may terrify the creature and send it scurrying away.


While this isn’t guaranteed to save your life, it’s designed for the iPhone user who fears being eaten by bears (which we all should on one level or another).

ScareBear Trail Companion retails for US$0.99 and requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later to install and run.

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6 Responses to “Flying Jalapeno Software Releases ScareBear Trail Companion for iPhone, iPod Touch”

  1. WTF? I’d rather carry a gun!

  2. The tricky part is getting the earbuds on the bear.

  3. Just how loud do these sounds play? This really sounds like a stupid piece of software, right up there with “fart” sounds.

  4. Among the dumbest apps I have heard of. Grizzly vs. Black bears dmand different responses, and an iPhone squawk is just plain silly. Not to mention that one’s response to a bear encounter should probably not involve the distraction of seeking out and using an iPhone app…

  5. This will work only until the bears figure it out. Then the program will be renamed “Dinner Bell”

  6. Seriously people, do you really think that the designers true intention was to really scare away bears or to entertain you? Maybe give you something to complain about? If your dumb enough to pull out your i-phone in the woods when staring down the face of a ferocious man eating carnivore, then your obviously dumb enough to part ways with the 99cents it will take you to get the app in the first place…ha ha