Free Wireless Internet in Manhattan Starbucks in Wake of Tragedy

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Date: Monday, September 17th, 2001, 15:12
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In an effort to assist those impacted by the tragedy in Manhattan, Starbucks Coffee Company and MobileStar Network Corporation are alerting New York area residents that complimentary wireless Internet access is available for communication to family and friends.

Those interested may bring their personal wireless devices (e.g., laptop, Personal Digital Assistant, PDA)) with a Wi-Fi 802.11b wireless network card (including Apple Airport) into any MobileStar- enabled Starbucks retail location in Manhattan. Nearly all Manhattan Starbucks have Internet access.

To connect with Airport, just take an Apple laptop into a Starbucks and select the “MobileStar” network. With cell phones and landlines overloaded last week and many without DSL or Cable Internet through this week, I’ve found the MobileStar connection to be reliable and fast. I invite readers to share other ways they’ve found to stay in touch in this difficult time.

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