Freeverse Software: Playing Different

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Freeverse Software has been creating fun and slightly bizarre Mac shareware seemingly forever. Concerned more with the content than technology in their products, Freeverse responds to every games who ever said, “Games today look pretty, but just don’t have the ingenuity and creative storylines of my old Nintendo games. They aren’t as fun.” Of course, everyone remembers the voice of Jared, Butcher of Song (it kind of borrows into your head like that thing that crawled the guy’s ear in that Star Trek movie). But there’s more… so much more!

There latest work has been on Burning Monkeys Solitare II and Deathground. BMS II follows up thier original popular solitare game and is scheduled for release sometime this week. In Deathground, you control a gang of mobsters fighting to gain control of New York City. Reviews of these games are likely to follow shortly. But the colorful iVase seems to be the latest fad to come from inside the Freeverse walls. The iMac mountable flower vase comes in fruit flavors and is available online from Freeverse for $8.95.


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