G4 Accelerator Announced for PBG3 [Updated]

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Date: Wednesday, November 21st, 2001, 08:36
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AM Micro, PowerLogix’s UK distributor, has posted a note on their product Web site about a 500 MHz G4 Accelerator card for the G3 PowerBook that will be introduced at the UK Mac Expo!


PowerLogix is the manufacturer of the BlueChip line of PowerBook G3 upgrade cards. There is no mention of the new G4 upgrade card on their Web site.

We received this response from Robin Sharp-Howdershelt at Powerlogix:

The BlueChip G4 has not been officially announced in the US market, but has begun shipping in very limited quantities to Japan. The card was slated to be previewed by AM Micro at the Mac Expo last week in London, but it was not ready in time to meet their deadline.

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