G4s, SuperDrive and iDVD

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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A reader sends us these thoughts on Apple’s new SuperDrive and iDVD:

Just a thought about the SuperDrive. A lot of users I have talked to seem to think that they will be able to install a SuperDrive in an lesser G4 than the one that will come with the 733. From my understanding the G4’s in the 667 and the 733 have four velocity engines.

That coupled with the 4x AGP nVidia graphics might be the differemce that makes the DVD burning possible at a 2x:1 ratio. I’m no computer scientist, but even if the drive were affordable, a lesser priced machine couldn’t convert the MPEG II fast enough.

The other thing users should know, which could really suck, I heard that iDVD limits users to 1 hour of video per DVD burned. You will need DVD Studio Pro to make DVD’s longer than an hour. Just some random Sunday afternoon thoughts that I don’t think users are aware of…

What are your thoughts on this limitation of iDVD? Post your thoughts using the feedback link below.

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