Gift Guide: iBook (Dual USB) for US$894 [Updated]

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Date: Tuesday, December 18th, 2001, 15:14
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I just received an email offer from PC Connection (MacConnection) offering the 500 MHz iBook Rev. A for US$894. This is after the US$200 instant rebate and US$100 Apple rebate. Offer expires 12/31/01. Could it be that a new rev of the iBook will be out for the new year?

Mike Baker writes:

MacConnection does have a US$894 iBook deal, but it is not a harbinger of new iBooks. Rather, this model is discontinued. It is the previous 500 MHz system (10 GB drive) with CD. This is still a fantastic deal. I ordered one for my wife.

MacConnection is also offering the same model in a bundle without the US$200 instant rebate. The bundle adds a Nintendo GameBoy Advance, two games, and two sets of batteries. The net cost for this bundle is US$1094.

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