Glowing PowerBook Report

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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An Apple Powerpoint presentation describing the new Lombard PowerBooks appears to clear up the illuminating logo issue once and for all.

Apple once again proves that computers don’t have to be boring, utilitarian-looking devices. The new PowerBook G3 sports a new “Java” colored keyboard, trackpad, trackpad button, and power-on button. Note the translucent effect on all of these elements. We’ve also transitioned to the white Apple logo on the inside and outside of the case. One thing that we didn’t change was the soft-touch grip on both the top and bottom of the case. It helps ensures that the system won’t slip out of your hand as you move it from your desk to your briefcase or backpack. Don’t forget to look at the top case when the system is on. You’ll notice a beautiful white glow emanating from the big Apple logo. You wanted it to light up and now it does!

Several readers pointed us to a page on Apple Japan with a close up the shining moniker. Any volunteers to provide a translation?


As Wallstreets go, we have received reports from countless readers of models ranging back to the 292 MHz rev. 1, saying that their Apples light up as well. However, just as many seem to lack the feature, including our own in house 292 :(.

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