Goodbye Mac Bryce

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Date: Wednesday, June 4th, 2003, 01:35
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A unique, once-ground-breaking product designed on a Mac has just been discontinued in favor of a Windows-only audience…

Corel has told MacCentral that it is discontinuing Bryce development on the Mac.
The brief statement from Corel at the above link cites “stronger sales with Windows customers” as its reason for killing future Mac development of Bryce, currently at version 5 for OSX, OS9 and Windows.
Bryce was originally developed on a Mac by Eric Wenger for MetaCreations. It was sold off, along with Painter and other applications, ultimately landing with Corel. Ed’s note: Check out Eric Wenger’s other fantastic creations at U+I Software, including a graphical music program that had its origins with some of the work with Bryce. Eric is one of the Mac’s great software geniuses. -PK
At the time of its release, Bryce was unique (at least at its price point) in its ability to create photo-realistic 3D images, especially of natural, organic shapes and textures with a high ease-of-use. The current version incorporates many user-requested features, and is capable of stunning output.
Corel’s decision is disappointing, and its reason is not especially compelling. The Mac platform is good enough for several other 3D packages in all price ranges, yet none of them are quite like Bryce. Bryce has also enjoyed a 3rd-party series of excellent tutorial books, notably the “Real World Bryce” series by Susan Kitchens, published by Peach Pit Press.
If you find this news disappointing, consider letting Corel know!
Ed: Corel is telling Macworld this is not a harbinger of other Mac development cuts, but if that’s true, why did Bryce have to take the axe? Thanks to R. Brower for the commentary here; I agree that this is a tragic loss for the platform. -PK

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