GPRS, WAP Over Voicestream's iStream Service Using Bluetooth [updated]

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19 April 2002 – updated with screen shots.

 WIDTH= This article will serve as an instruction set for connecting a Bluetooth Mac to a BT phone using the phone as a wireless GPRS modem for fast, wireless Internet access. It is recommended that you read our Bluetooth Primer and Sony Ericsson T68i mobile phone review for more background on the technology and hardware.

Here is the equipment and services used:

  1. Apple PowerBook G4 Titanium
  2. Sony Ericsson T68i
  3. Apple/D-Link DWB-120M Bluetooth USB Adapter
  4. Voicestream iStream Service

Here are the steps involved in configuring these products to enable WAP, GPRS and allow your cell phone to act as a wireless modem to connect your computer to the Internet anytime, anywhere:

  1. Update your computer to Mac OS 10.1.3
  2. Install Bluetooth Technology Preview 1
  3. Install Scripts for Ericsson GPRS phones (scroll about half way down the page)
  4. Pair your phone to your computer (see Bluetooth read me PDF)
  5. Configure your phone
  6. Configure a new location on your Macintosh
  7. Connect

Screen shots:

That is basically all there is to it. It should be noted that Voicestream doesn’t currently support the T68 or the T68i, but we were able to get it working with the help of a cool TS guy from the Wireless Data Group at Voicestream (888-STREAM-7).

The fees for iStream are US$2.99/month for WAP only which includes about 500 Web pages per month. The extended iStream service: w/Bluetooth, allowing your cell phone to act as a wireless modem, costs US$19.99/month for 5 MB per month, plus overage at US$5/megabyte, (which includes WAP and computer connection).

Let’s jump to Step #3 of process. Go to and download the Ericsson GPRS drivers and drop them into your Hard Drive : Library : Modem Scripts. Restart your computer.

Pair your phone with your computer following the read me pdf that comes with the Bluetooth software. Next Setup accounts on your phone. Using the T68(i) go under Connect : Data comm. : Add and add a GPRS account. Make sure to use a username that somehow indicates WAP, such as “mywap” or something to that effect, then leave username and password blank, then Save. Add another GPRS account, but this time, denote that it is using your computer (is used “mycpu”) for the account name that will allow for computer linkup.

More phone configurations from within the Data comm. Menu – select ”mywap” (or whatever you called it), press edit and make sure these settings are selected:

  • pass req. make sure it’s off,
  • advance settings: authentication should be set to none
  • data compression, both off,
  • header compression off also,
  • quality of service: precedence should be normal,
  • delay is best effort,
  • reliability class 3,
  • peak rate class 5,
  • mean rate best effort,

Then copy all these same settings for “mycpu” (or whatever you named the second account).

To set up WAP, do the following:

  • main menu: WAP services:
  • options: WAP profile:
  • enter name: say ok;
  • IP address:

Then go back to the main menu and make sure triangle is blue and shaded above signal strength bars. If it’s not, power cycle your phone.

To log on, go to WAP services: mobile internet: choose WAP : mobile internet, login or signup, press yes. You should connect at this point. To exit press 8 or exit WAP, press no to end WAP session. Note that it drains the battery faster if connection to WAP all the time. Play around with it if you can’t get connected and try everything a few times. You are very close at this point if you can’t get WAP going.

To connect through your computer using Bluetooth, you need to setup a dial up connection through Bluetooth. Visit the picture links to setup your System Preferences : Network and your Internet Connect window. Use as your phone number and use “istream” as your username and a space (press space bar once) as your password.

Make sure your Bluetooth is turn “on” on your phone. Then click connect on your Internet Connect window and watch the progress to make sure that you are authenticating and sending/receiving packets. Note: turn echoing “off” on your PPP Options.

Once you connect, you might have to go to and turn the accelerator “off”. Your computer may not be able to register the data throughput. Don’t worry about this for now.

Finally, IR should work very similarly, the only difference is that you need to change your modem (both in Network Preferences, and in Internet Connect) to use the IR instead.

[Update 11/10/2002] is selling the Sony Ericsson T68i color, Bluetooth mobile phone for only US$50 for a limited time.

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