Griffin Revs iMate Driver

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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[from the PowerPage]

Griffin Technology has updated their iMate driver to version 1.3. The software works with the USB to ADB product which is a must have for any Lombard owner frustrated with its poor USB implementation. New features from the Read Me file:

The iMate driver version 1.3 fixes certain problems with the Lombard PowerBook. Specifically, it allows the Praxisoft CompassProfile and the AppleVision display to now work on the PowerBook. It also now supports ADB Reinits and works with the Don Johnston Discover Switch and KENX. If you are upgrading from a pre-1.0.x version, remove both the iMate Enabler and the iMate USB Module from your Extensions folder, and replace them with the new iMate USB Driver (single file).

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