Handspring Goes PDA/Cell All the Way

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Date: Thursday, August 30th, 2001, 10:35
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Earlier this week, Handspring started offering its VisorPhone SpringBoard module for free with a one year service contract. As first noted by PalmStation, the reason for this marketing move became obvious when the FCC accidentally posted pictures of HandSpring’s new Treo k180 and Treo g180 on its website, before an official announcement by Handspring.

The two Treo devices drop Visor’s SpringBoard slot to combine a traditional Palm PDA with built-in support for the PCS 1900 MHz and GSM 900 MHz mobile phone standards in curvy black enclosure. The Treo k180 comes with a built-in keyboard akin to the one in RIM’s Blackberrry pager. The Treo g180 features the traditional Graffiti area we have come to love/hate.

Unfortunately, C|Net notes that the FCC has removed the information from its site under the pretext of reviewing approval of the devices. Norway’s Infosync still has all pictures of the two Treos up on its site. Check ’em out while you can!

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