Harry Knowles to Appear in Apple Commercial

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Date: Wednesday, May 8th, 2002, 12:55
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Well-known movie reviewer Harry Knowles, who created aintitcoolnews.com, is going to appear in an upcoming Apple commercial, according to a recent story on the site. In his review of “Spiderman,” Knowles explains that it took him several days to finally see the movie because of filming:

”I told [another reviewer] that my recent trip to New York to shoot a commercial for Apple was partly responsible [for the delay].”

Assuming that the “commercial” is a promotional video similar to those that Steve Jobs has showed at all recent major product releases (the TiBook, the iPod, the new iMac, etc.), this could mean that a new product will be arriving soon. Perhaps a new video device for the digital hub? It’s speculation… but it would make sense.

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