Has Sony Trumped the Mac? I Don't Think So…

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Date: Wednesday, November 7th, 2001, 22:09
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It’s true that Sony’s VAIO MX Series PC is most likely the first salvo in a series of machines that offer consumer functions in a PC, but do you really want to rely on a PC to record or playback video?

As a consumer I want to be able to watch TV, listen to the radio, and work on the computer at the same time. I want systems that are independent and do not rely on my PC to function.

All-in-one sounds good, but what happens when you want to check your email and download a trailer from the Web and record a TV show? Will you be able to do so with the Sony product? I doubt it.

Apple is using the Mac as a Digital hub not as a digial all-in-one. The Mac will play a role in managing the personal digital resources of the user. It will not try to be the only digital resource of the user.

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