Has Sony Trumped the Mac?

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Date: Monday, November 5th, 2001, 15:10
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The next evolution of the personal computer has arrived, unfortunately Apple did not see what Sony has.


A digital lifestyle certainly revolves around email, audio, and video. Hence this creation from Sony’s labs. I thought about something like this six months ago. And a I thought, “Why hasn’t someone thought about giving the PC a hybrid stereo system look with polished silver buttons and a MiniDisc?” The pro-line speakers are a wonderful touch.

I also thought it would be appropriate for someone to slap a game system on a PCI card and have it ship with the computer. Specifically SEGA since they have discontinued the console business. Someone should have licensed it and had SEGA continue to make games for it.

Imagine having the above setup and a nice 18″ LCD or 19″ CRT… walah! A complete “digital hub” for the home.

Though it looks good, an Apple designed box would make it all the much better.

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