HeadShaker Headphones are Like a Kick in the Head

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Date: Wednesday, November 7th, 2001, 13:43
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If you are looking to boost your headphone output and feel the thrust of the Millennium Falcon as it takes off while watching a Star Wars DVD, then check out the Panasonic Shockwave HeadShaker Extreme Headphones. It is the behind the neck, in your ears headphones with a wild twist.


An inline AA battery powers the “subwoofer” on the part around your neck for some kickin’ bass. Any DVD with action will make your vision blur with bass. It really makes the movie seem BIG. I watched five hours of movies on an international flight with my iBook. The sound on the Independence Day – Special Edition was exceptional. These headphones are a must if you watch a lot of DVDs on your computer.

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