Health care providers gearing up apps for Apple Watch

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Date: Monday, April 13th, 2015, 14:09
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Even if you think the Apple Watch is a bit silly, it’s getting a fair amount of developer support behind it.

A variety of healthcare companies, including WebMD and CareEvolution, announced apps for the wearable device. The apps are said to be capable of handling tasks like medication reminders and sharing electronic records.

WebMD said it is working on an update of its iPhone app which will include a Medication Reminder function. Notifications will include images of the medication, the amount to take, and when to take it. Users will be prompted to log whether they’ve taken or skipped a dose — alternately they can hit a 15-minute snooze button, or just dismiss a notification entirely.

The updated WebMD app is due on April 24th, the same day the Watch ships.

CareEvolution’s app will allow the user to see health care records and push notifications to the Watch from Anthem and other healthcare provers. These will include medical and plan management information such as forgotten refills, possible drug interactions, and recommending screenings.

drchrono has developed a Watch app that will let physicians access electronic records and check messages from patients or coworkers. Glances will display an user’s upcoming appointment schedule.

HealthTap is preparing to launch DocNow, an extension of its iOS app that will connect Watch owners to a doctor for US$3 per minute. Users will be able to communicate via voice or HD video, though video will require pulling out an iPhone. Users will also be able transmit health data from a Watch to help with diagnosis.

Medisafe is planning to update its iPhone app with medication reminders similar to those of WebMD, but is specifically promising to make use of Force Touch commands to open up more options.

Many developers are rushing to complete Watch apps by the 24th. Although the WatchKit development framework has been available since last year, final details like a release date were only announced on March 9th, and relatively few developers have had hands-on time with the device.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

Via AppleInsider

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