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Date: Friday, October 26th, 2001, 12:44
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So it has been established that the iPod can be connected to non-computer devices, like Hi-Fi components that also use FireWire interface. The UK professional & consumer D to A (DAC) and also A to D digital converter company (used for many commercially available recordings) are just launching D to A (DAC) converters for audio using FireWire interface.

It is also clear that the iPod is capable of storing AIFF and WAV files of music in virtually uncompressed format. This may mean that combined with a dCs DAC (or other very high quality DAC) an extremely high quality, High End, digital music playback system can be achieved.

What we need now is a “clever kid” who is capable of writing an application for the iPod that makes it possible to take the pure digital signal out of the FireWire port of the iPod and route it through a converter cable with a FireWire connector towards the iPod side and an RCA or BNC plug towards a non-FireWire equipped DAC. The aim is to have a standard digital signal (16 – 24 bit, 44.1 – 192kHz oversampling) output from the iPod that is able to enter a standard non-FireWire DAC input. Whether this is indeed possible or not is for our “clever kid” to work out. Any takers?

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