HiVal CardBus to USB Adapter Update

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Several PowerPage readers wrote to us asking for help installing the USB drivers for the HiVal CardBus to USB adapter.

Reader 1:

I bought the card and would appreciate some info on using it with my Wallstreet. I downloaded the USB file and am not afraid to use ResEdit but need some help. Could you point me in the right direction?

Reader 2:

Could someone post the instructions for using Resedit to properly implement the Apple DDK to make us of USB pc cards? (I’m familiar with Resedit, but it would be useful if someone will post instructions regarding resedit hacks for the Apple DDK stuff.) I can’t imagine that posting instructions violates some law, does it?

Reader 3:

OK, I feel that I’m an advanced user and have used ResEdit in the past. How about giving us the secret to get this USB card to work with the wallstreet. Before I buy it, I want to have the instructions on what to do with ResEdit and where can I get the USB drivers that you mentioned from Apple.

Here are quick and dirty instructions for installing the USB drivers for the HiVal card.

1. Download the drivers from Apple at this link:

2. Get ResEdit and follow the README file for instructions on how to use the ResEdit hack for the driver.

3. Copy the AppleBuilt Extensions into the Extensions folder.

4. Restart

5. Enjoy your new USB card!

That’s all folks.

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