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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Chiba, Japan — Singapore Shinei Sangyo introduced two new products at MacWorld Tokyo. One is the Syncharger, the cordless charger for your Palm V/Workpad c3 organizers.

Palm charger

Place your unit in the charger unit and using two Alkaline AA batteries, you can fully charge your completely dead Palm V battery at least three times if not more. You can also attach an AC adapter to the unit and it comes with a serial port. The charger will be available in March in the US$50-$60 price range.

Another great product they’re introducing is the Tsunamidi, a MIDI player for the Palm V and Workpad c3 organizers.


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The hardware unit is General MIDI compliant and has a built-in speaker as well as headphone connectors. It also has a MIDI IN connector for attaching external keyboards to record music to the organizers as well as a MIDI OUT connector for playing music on external MIDI devices. It uses 2 AA Alkaline batteries and also has a DC IN connector for external power supplies. It’ll come bundled with software that’ll let you play ‘n compose music and will be available in May in the US$100 price range.

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