HOT: Revision D iMacs Now Discontinued

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
Category: Archive operatives have just learned that the current 333 MHz Revision D iMacs have just been designated “D01 status” at CompUSA, which means discontinued in CompUSA inventory speak. Here’s the word from the street:

Rev D iMacs have hit the D01 list at CompUSA. That means Apple officiallyhas killed Revision D. This leaves absolutely no doubt in my mind that new ones [Kihei/C2]will be announced tomorrow.

Look out in the near future for spectacular Revision D iMac deals and bundles at your local CompUSA in an effort to move old inventory to make way for the new stuff. If you can’t wait ’til the media event, check out the latest speculation and rumor-lation from last week (“NoBeige Exclusive: The Skinny on Kihei“). Stay tuned tomorrow for all of the fireworks.

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