How-To: How to check and manage battery usage under iOS 8

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Date: Friday, September 26th, 2014, 15:03
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Ok, this is nifty.

Or at least it’ll make Thanksgiving encounters with your relatives wherein they show you their iPhone, ask why it’s only getting 90 minutes of battery life and you point out the 67 open applications while wondering how you’re related to these people a bit easier.

Per AppleInsider, a new new battery tracking feature can be found in iOS 8 by opening the Settings application and navigating to General, Usage, Battery Usage. The list will take a second to populate before displaying a list of apps and how much energy they are consumed.

Apps can be listed in terms of battery usage over the last 24 hours, and over the last week. The percentages displayed show the proportion of battery used by each application when the iPhone is not charging.

In addition to applications, Apple also includes the iOS home and lock screen, as well as backup and restore services, to identify battery drain that may be coming from other places.

Apps that run in the background, either for location tracking or other activities, are also identified in the list.

Even if a user has uninstalled an application, it will remain in the list to show how much power the software was using before it was removed.

Apple also provides information on usage and standby time of an iPhone or iPad since the device was last charged. Such times are shown after the iPhone has been fully charged.

Not a bad new feature and possibly something that could prevent a few filial arguments, all things considered.

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One Response to “How-To: How to check and manage battery usage under iOS 8”

  1. “Point out the 67 open applications”?


    Sorry, no. Having large numbers of apps open does NOT result in poorer battery life. That is a myth, as is the idea that “closing” apps in the app-switching screen is helpful.