Hurdle for XPod for Windows

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Date: Thursday, November 15th, 2001, 18:45
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Regarding your story on the developer, MediaFour, that is working on a solution that would allow the iPod to run on Windows machines that is to be known as XPod. I think there may be a major hurdle for them on this that was not mentioned or perhaps of which they aren’t even aware.

In a previous article posted here at Go2Mac, it was reported that the iPod is not able to recognize or be recognized with FireWire ports that aren’t bus powered. My understanding is that, like most FireWire upgrade installations, PC makers generally choose to use unpowered FireWire ports in their machines – a cost cutting effort required by them due to the tremendous amount of competition and price wars amongst PC manufacturers. If there is no workaround for this, XPod may be dead in the water. However, there was one possible workaround mentioned in that earlier article. It concerns using a powered FireWire hub for iPod. I have not seen any further info concerning this possible workaround though.

I have an older mac with a FireWire PCI card installed. I would like to be able to use an iPod with this ancient workhorse that despite its advanced years (its a PowerMac 7500 I purchased the first day of their availability) has been an ever faithful companion. One for which I currently haven’t the funds to provide it with a more up-to-date sibling. Therefore, if the workaround doesn’t work and MediaFour is able to get an iPod working with unpowered PC FireWire ports, I would like to see them provide a version of XPod for users of older macs as well. Either way, I would be interested in any further information concerning the use of an iPod with a powered FireWire hub and FireWire card upgrades. Please respond in the iPod message board if you have any information.

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