iBook Availability (Comes in Twos)

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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With iBooks that were ordered back in MacWorld Expo NY ’99 finally in most people’s hands, we thought we’d try to summarize reader reports of iBook availability.

It seems that across the nation, Sears, CompUSA, and many Apple-authorized resellers have been getting small shipments of two to six iBooks in both blueberry and tangerine. They usually sell out within 24 hours. Also, people who have preordered iBooks have precedence, so you may want to pre-order one.

The Apple Store is also now shipping the iBooks to people who have ordered them several weeks ago. It seems equal numbers of people who have ordered through the Apple Store and people who have gone to their local resellers are getting iBooks.

If you want to send us the tale of your iBook purchasing (and waiting) experience, send them to the feedback address below.

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