iBook Availability (Quakes and Tremors)

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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A PowerPage reader writes:

Sears here in Burlington Vermont has NO iBooks. They claim they won’t see them until early November and that that is the case for all of the Sears stores served from the distribution center in Pennsylvania…. comments?

Here in Philadelphia, the Sears has at least one iBook on display, even if they aren’t selling them right now.

Apple made a large shipment of iBooks to one of its national distributors before the Taiwan quake, and the resellers the distributor has sent iBooks to have been able to sell them. Also, Apple expects shipments to return to more normal levels by the end of next week.

The same applies to educational customers. Certain universities have received iBooks, while others have not, and those whose iBooks were affected by the quake are still waiting.

Apple has received over 300,000 orders for the iBook, but only 6,000 have been shipped. They are still ramping up production, so expect a an increasing rate of shipments over then next few months.

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